Located south of the Twin Cities, near Lakeville and Farmington, Minnesota, Airlake Airport has a single 4,098' x 75' runway and full length parallel taxiway. The airport offers a precision instrument approach to Runway 30 and a non-precision approach to Runway 12. Pilots use common traffic advisory procedures flying to and from the airport, which has no air traffic control tower.

Although used primarily by recreational pilots, Airlake Airport is located near one of Minnesota's largest industrial parks, making it ideally suited for related business aviation needs as well. A fixed base operator provides fueling and other aircraft maintenance services.

Airlake has a total annual economic output of $13.2 million and supports 104 jobs, including 31 directly tied to on-airport businesses.

The airport annually experiences more than 34,000 landings and takeoffs.  There are 135 aircraft based at the airport .

Future plans include new hangars in the southwest corner of the airfield, expanding the primary runway to 4,600 feet, and developing a 2,500-foot crosswind runway.

Economic Impact

Direct Jobs:                         31
Total Jobs:                           104
Total Economic Output $13.2 million

2035 Long Term Comprehensive Planning Documents

Final MAC adoption, April 2018, Airlake Airport Long Term Comprehensive Plan (LTCP)
Final LTCP, 1 volume