What is the role/objective of the Airport Community Panel?

The objective of the Airport Community Panel (ACP) is to involve major stakeholder groups and ensure public concerns and aspirations are heard and considered by the Project Team. The Stakeholder Engagement Plan describes the ACP’s role and responsibilities as an advisory board representing major stakeholder groups and is more closely involved in the environmental review than the public at large. The ACP serves several important functions, including: representing a broad range of stakeholder groups; receiving information about the environmental review and sharing it with constituencies; providing input to the environmental review as the voice of key stakeholders; ensuring public concerns and aspirations are considered; and, in some cases, providing technical advice to the Project Team.

It is important to note that the ACP is advisory only to the environmental review. That is, the ACP may offer opinions, advice and guidance, but the MAC has the sole discretion to act on the ACP recommendations.