Tips for Adjusting Text Size, Changing Contrast and Using PDFs

Larger Text

If you're using Internet Explorer, try this:
  • CTRL +
    Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard (Command key on a Macintosh) and press the + (plus) key to increase (and the minus key to decrease) the text size, or
  • From the View menu, select Text Size, and choose the Larger font sizes until you can easily read the web page.
For other browsers and operating systems, see the instructions provided by the Web Accessibility Initiative.

Adjusting Color or Contrast

Many web browsers allow users to adjust the colors and contrast on web pages. See the Web Accessibility Initiative's instructions for tips and techniques for adjusting color or contrast on specific browsers.

Using PDF Documents

Many of the PDFs on the Metropolitan Airports Commission website are structured to be read properly by screen readers and downloaded as text files. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader for best results.

To use Acrobat Reader's accessibility features:

Read Out Loud Function
When a document is open in Adobe Reader, from the View menu, select Read Out Loud, then one of the following:
  • Activate (Shift + CTRL + V)
  • Read this page only (Shift + CTRL + V)
  • Read to end of document (Shift + CTRL + B)
  • Pause (Shift + CTRL + C) Stop (Shift + CTRL + E)
Save a PDF as a Text Document
From the File menu, select Save as Text, then
  • indicate the file type and extension you prefer (the default is .txt) and
  • where on your computer (i.e. desktop) you would like the file saved.