Upon the completion of the Crystal Airport Long-Term Comprehensive Plan (LTCP) in 2017 and a joint Environmental Assessment/Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EA/EAW) in 2019, construction of Crystal Airport improvements began in mid-2020. This webpage will provide regular updates on the construction activity.

The improvements at Crystal Airport include the following elements:

  • Decommission Runway 14R/32L and convert it to a full parallel taxiway for primary Runway 14/32
  • Convert portions of primary Runway 14/32 blast pads to usable runway for a total published length of 3,750 feet
  • Shift primary Runway 14/32 approximately 115 feet to the northwest along its centerline
  • Reduce the length of existing Runway 06R/24L (turf) to 1,669 feet
  • Revise the Runway 14 instrument approach procedure and establish a GPS-based procedure to Runway 32
  • Replace the Runway 32 visual approach slope indicator (VASI) with a precision approach path indicator (PAPI)
  • Relocate the Runway 14/32 runway end identifier lights (REILs)
  • Adjust and extend the runway and taxiway edge lights to correspond with the proposed primary runway length
  • Convert Taxiway E into an apron edge taxilane between Taxiways A and E1
  • Remove the section of Taxiway E that crosses Runways 06L/24R and 06R/24L
  • Remove Taxiways E2 and E3 and replace them with a single new connector
  • Add a connector taxiway between Taxiway E and the future parallel taxiway
  • Remove existing runway end connector Taxiways E1 and E4 and replace with new connectors
  • Add new engine-run up pads on either end of Runway 14/32
  • Construct on-airport perimeter roads to allow ground vehicles to circulate without crossing runways – South Service Road with 2020 project, north and west roads future project.
  • Expand the FBO apron to increase tie-down spaces for aircraft and remove tie-downs from the Runway 06R RPZ – Not part of the 2020 project.
  • Release certain airport property for non-aeronautical use along 63rd Avenue North – In progress, but not part of the 2020 project.

The construction activity is divided into five phases:

  • Phase 1: Txy pavement removal  (late July, 2020)
  • Phase 2: Runway 14L/32R improvements (August, 2020)
  • Phase 3: Runway 14R/32L converted to Txy G and South service road construction (late-August through mid-October, 2020)
  •  Phase 4: Airfield electrical improvements (TBD)
  • Phase 5: Electrical vault construction (mid-July through mid-October, 2020)
Crystal Airport Construction Schedule 2020

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