Saturday, Sep 14, 2019

Improvements to Crystal Airport, located in the city of Crystal, Minn., will begin next year, including the conversion of an existing runway to a taxiway.

The improvements will help align the airfield infrastructure with existing and forecasted levels of activity at the airport.

The work will also enhance safety for airport users by simplifying the layout of runways and taxiways.

At its August meeting, the Metropolitan Airports Commission’s board approved an environmental review and determined there is not a need for a State Environmental Impact Statement for the work at Crystal Airport. The Federal Aviation Administration, the agency responsible for federal environmental reviews, had previously issued a Finding of No Significant Impact.

The board’s action follows a multi-year public process that included planning, community input and environmental work. The construction, starting next summer, will also include the lengthening of the main runway, 14L/32R, to 3,750 feet by converting existing blast pad pavement at the ends of the runway into usable runway pavement.

The airports’ turf runway, which is the last of its kind in the Twin Cities’ metro area, will remain on the airfield, though it will be shortened. Additional information about the project and the improvements can be found here.

Crystal Airport, which opened in 1948, is one of the MAC’s six general aviation airports and is a long-time popular hub for recreational, personal, and some business flying in the northwest metro area.