Sunday, Oct 30, 2016

The Lake Elmo Airport 2035 Long Term Comprehensive Plan has been finalized by the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) and is now available for download on the MAC's website.

A draft LTCP was first published for public comment in June 2015. Following this first round, the MAC board requested that a supplemental comment period commence in early 2016 so that the public could comment on specific changes to the initial draft. Those changes were in response to public comments and included the shortening of Runway 14-32 and a slight change in its location. The changes allowed the location of the intersection of 30th Street North and Neal Avenue to remain the same as it is today.

In May 2016, the MAC board approved the revised draft and sent it to the Metropolitan Council for its review for consistency with its regional long-range development plans. The Council approved the 2035 Lake Elmo Airport LTCP in August 2016 and the MAC board finalized the report at its September 2016 board meeting.

The final report, including public comments and response to comments, can be found on the Lake Elmo Airport page.