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Named after the city in which it is located, Crystal Airport also sits adjacent to Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center. The airport currently has three paved and one turf runway and two non-precision instrument approaches. Runway 14L-32R is 3,263' x 75'; Runway 14R-32L is 3,266' x 75'; and Runway 6L-24R is 2,499' x 75'. Closed during the winter months, turf Runway 6R-24L is 2,122' x 150'. A fixed-base operator is on site, as is an FAA-operated air traffic control tower, which operates daily in winter from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and in summer from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Crystal Airport has a total annual economic output of $71 million and supports 320 jobs, including 100 directly tied to on-airport businesses.

There are 168 aircraft based at Crystal Airport and in 2018, there were 38,109 landings and takeoffs.

Economic Impact

Direct Jobs: 100
Total Jobs: 320
Total Economic Output $71 million

2035 Long Term Comprehensive Planning Documents

The Crystal Airport 2035 LTCP has been finalized and can be downloaded at the links below. Volume 1 contains the report; Volume 2 contains the appendices, including the public comments (and responses) received as part of the community and stakeholder engagement process. The documents are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader software to read or download.

Archived documents associated with the Crystal Airport planning process can be found here.

2025 Long Term Comprehensive Plan - Adopted December 2008

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5800 Crystal Airport Road
Crystal, MN 55429
United States

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