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Looking to lease a hangar, or to sell an existing hangar so you can upgrade to a new one? Explore our hangar listings in the links below.

Hangar Listings at Reliever Airports

Visit this list of available hangar space at our six Reliever Airports. The list is updated regularly.

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Available Hangars at MSP Airport

For information about private plane hangars, contact Signature Flight Support.

For information about airline hangars, contact Eric Johnson or Mark Bents.

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If the proposed leaseholder is an LLC or Corporation, please include documentation(articles of incorporation or bylaws) that identify the principles of the entity.
If you do not own an aircraft, this request will not be approved.
If offered a space to construct a hangar, which of the following sizes of a hangar would you like to be offered space and have a justified need for? (Select all sizes you would consider for an offer.)

Please be advised, the cost of developing building areas may be directly assessed to the tenants occupying the respective building area.