b'Protecting our financesPARTNERSHIPS AND PERSEVERANCEBy late April, when passenger levels at MSP had dipped to less than five percent ofThe Minnesota Legislature established theand sound decision making that will allow need for a swift, effective and consistent normal, the MAC had already begun takingMAC more than 75 years ago to provide andthe MAC to survive and thrive into the future.response to the crisis. steps to protect not only its human resources,promote safe, convenient, environmentally but also its financial resources.sound and cost-effective aviation services inStronger Together The MACs senior managements long To do that the MAC: the Twin Cities Metro Area. While the MAC hasinvolvement in and leadership positions weathered national recessions and turbulentIn any crisis, one can choose either to go itwith Airports Council International-North Immediately reduced non-essentialtimes in the airline and aviation industry, at noalone or work with others to find solutions. ForAmerica and the American Association of expenditures, totaling $24 million of thetime has it faced the magnitude of financial andthe airport industry, it was crucial in 2020 thatAirport Executivestwo industry groups that 2020 operating budget. operational strain it does today.airports worked closer than ever for the goodrepresented and advocated for airports during of their customers and the industry.the pandemicmeans the MAC will have a Preserved jobs by instituting a hiring freeze,It was the MACs forward-thinking, fiscallyWhen the pandemic reached U.S. airports, thelasting impact on how the industry rebounds except for positions deemed critical. conservative decisions that brought it throughMAC was well-positioned to become a trustedand thrives into the future. Delayed, reduced or deferred a total ofin past years. And it will be that same tenacityvoice for airports as they faced the communal $130 million worth of capital program projects over the next several years.Used a portion of the $125 million Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding it was granted to offset losses in operating revenue estimated at $193 million in 2020.Approved a 2021 budget that reflects an $18 million decrease in operating expenses over the 2020 adopted budget. The MAC continues to monitor and evaluate expenses closely for additional savings and to restrict expenses to essential work only. IN ANY CRISIS, one can choose either to go it alone or work with others to find solutions.11 12'