b'The MAC Reliever AirportsThe MACs six general aviation reliever airports are open for public useairport operations and reliever airport based aircraft. The operations totals 24 hours per day. Aircraft operators must choose an airport at which toare obtained from the FAA for MAC reliever airports with an air traffic base their aircraft. Airports in Minnesota are required to submit to thecontrol tower. For the two reliever airports without an air traffic control State a report that identifies the aircraft based at their facilities for 180tower (LVN and 21D), the operations totals are estimated through various days or more. The tables below show the 2019 and 2020 relievermethods and available data.Reliever Airport OperationsAirportLVN21DMICSTPFCMANEANNUAL TOTAL MSP AIRPORT NAMED 201929,835 31,208 41,54140,934 104,405 71,740 319,663 BEST AIRPORT IN NORTH AMERICA202031,314 29,799 39,509 30,188 124,382 70,852 326,0454 YEARS IN ROWYY Comparison2020-20191,479 (1,409)(2,032)(10,746)19,977 (888)6,382 Source: MAC Airfield Development, MAC Reliever Airports, and FAA Air Traffic Operations NetworkWINNER WINNER WINNER WINNERReliever Airports Based Aircraft 2016 2017 2018 2019 AirportLVN21DMICSTPFCMANE ANNUAL TOTAL20191411911651033693781,347 The Airport Service Quality award is based on travelers satisfaction scores 2020140187161913633651,307 as reported to Airports Council International. Thank you to all the employees, YY Comparison volunteers and passengers for making MSP the best of the best.2020-2019(1)(4)(4)(12)(6)(13)(40) Category: 25-40 million passengersSource: MAC Airfield Development and MAC Reliever AirportsLVN = Airlake | 21D = Lake Elmo | MIC = Crystal | STP = St. Paul Downtown | FCM = Flying Cloud | ANE = Anoka County-Blainexi'