b'WHO WE AREOne of the nations largest airport systems, MSP and the MACs reliever airports areThe MACs system of airports is self-sustaining the MACs system connects the region to located in the Twin Cities metro area and it operates with no support from income or the world. are all within 35 miles of the downtowns ofproperty taxes. Instead, MAC operations are Through its robust arts program and emphasisMinneapolis and Saint. Paul. The Twin Citiesfunded by rent and fees from airport users. on local restaurants and shops, MSPis also home to 16 Fortune 500 companies The MAC also delivers billions of dollars forshowcases Minnesotas extraordinary cultureone of the highest per-capita concentrations ofthe local economy and supports tens of to millions of passengers from around large companies in the U.S.thousands of jobs.the globe. MISSION: Connecting you to your worldVISION:Providing your best airport experience1 2'