b'LVN Airlake AirportLocated south of the Twin Cities in Lakeville,The MAC completed a long-term Airlake (LVN) is among the smallest of thecomprehensive plan for LVN in 2018. Pending MACs general aviation airports. Although usedenvironmental review and approval and mostly by recreational pilots, LVN is near anidentification of funding sources, the plan calls industrial park and ideally suited for businessfor improvements that aim to better meet the aviation. A fixed-base operator provides fuel,needs of business aircraft and improve land airframe and mechanical maintenance, flightuse compatibility.training, charter flights and supplies.Airlake Airport in 2020 Takeoffs and landings . 31,314 Rank of operations among relievers 5 Number of based aircraft 140 Rank of based aircraft among relievers . 5 Number of runways 1 Runway dimensions 4,099 x 751920'