b'MIC Crystal AirportNamed for the city in which it is located justIn July the MAC opened a self-service fueling northwest of the Twin Cities, Crystal Airportfacility at MIC. The new, state-of-the-art (MIC) serves both recreational and businessfacility ensures fuel is available to the airport operators. The airport is also home tocommunity 24 hours a day, year-round.nationally and regionally known aircraft parts and maintenance facilities, a busy flight training operation and a medical flight provider.It also boasts the only turf runway withinthe Twin Cities metro area.Based on the findings of the airports 2035 long-term comprehensive plan, MIC underwent major improvements in 2020. That plan, and the resulting construction projects, aimed to right-size the airfield for the number of flights and aircraft types, as well as improveairfield safety. Crystal Airport in 2020 Takeoffs and landings . 39,509 Rank of operations among relievers 3 Number of based aircraft 161 Rank of based aircraft among relievers . 4 Number of runways 3 Runway dimensions 3,268 x 75 2,122 x 1502324'