b'New Ways of Working mission, as are concessionaires and service companies that make travel more convenient As many businesses across the globeand enjoyable. experienced, the pandemic thrust many MAC employeesalmost overnightinto a remoteWhen the pandemic hit, the airport community work scenario to maximize social distancing. knew it needed to band together and support each other to position Minneapolis-St. Paul One of the reasons the MAC could so quickly International Airport (MSP) for a robust recovery move to this model is the significant investment as the pandemic eased.the organization has made in informationtechnology. Over the past couple of years, To that end, the MAC in 2020 deferred certain the MAC:fees for some MSP tenants and reliever airport commercial operators and waived particularReplaced and upgraded 580 laptops andfees for MSP airlines, concessionaires and auto desktop computers, the majority being laptopsrental companies.to better enable remote work Thoughts for the Future Initiated data and file migration to a cloud-based system to allow for anywhere-access While the aviation industry has made progress toward recovery, a return to normal passengerStreamlined the process by which staff canand operations levels will be slow, particularly securely connect while working remotely for business travel. Industry and financialAccelerated deployment of collaboration toolsexperts predict it could be 2024 or later by to allow for more productive and interactivethe time the industry recovers fully. The virtual meetingsproliferation of communication and collaboration technologies may also have a long-term impact MAC employees who are already workingon business travel. remotely will continue to do so in 2021. The organization continues to leverage the lessonsRegardless of the timeline, the MAC will learned in 2020 to keep employees safe whilecontinue to build upon the many initiatives maintaining a focus on productivity, efficiencyand partnerships begun in 2020 to ensure and workforce equity.it is positioned for growth and to help keep employees, travelers, and everyone else who Succeeding Together uses its facilities safe and healthy.The MAC cannot fulfill its mission to connect people to the world without its partners. Airlines and air service are essential to that 13 14'