b'GREETINGS:We are pleased to present the Metropolitan Airports Commissions (MAC) 2020 Annual Report. As the following pages reflect, 2020 was a year like no other.For the first two months of the year, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) was on track to set another passenger record and surpass 40 million travelers for the first time in the airports history. January passenger levels surpassed those of January 2019 by 6.5 percentand Februarys were up 9 percent. MSP was bustling.When the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Minnesota and the rest of the nation in March,that trajectory changed. Dramatically.As you will see in this report, our response to the pandemic was a major focus in 2020.Finding the best path to persevere amidst a pandemic required collaborative planning andaction with our airport partners. We developed the Travel Confidently MSP health safety program, which included a playbook that established shared guidelines, expectations and actions for the MSP airport community. The second goal was to help ensure our airports success within a post-pandemic aviation industry. To that end, the MAC provided much needed relief to its airport partnersairlines, concessionaires, auto rental companies and reliever airport commercial service providers through various payment deferrals and reduced rents and fees. By investing in thepartnerships that make our airport system among the best as well as the biggest in thenation, we positioned our airports well for a strong recovery and long-term sustainability. Beyond the pandemic, we were able to celebrate a number of noteworthy achievements, documented on the following pages.For many, 2020 will be remembered for the emergence of the pandemic. From a MAC perspective, 2020 was also a testament to the power of partnership and perseverance.Thank you for your interest in the Metropolitan Airports Commission.Sincerely,Rick King Brian RyksChairman Chief Executive Officer'