Airlake Airport (LVN) 2022 Annual Report

Airlake Airport (LVN)

2022 Annual Report

Located just south of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area in Lakeville, Airlake Airport (LVN) mostly serves recreational fliers. The airport is also well-suited for business aviation, particularly for the many local businesses nearby.  

Like other airports in the MAC’s general aviation airport system, LVN enjoys an active and engaged aviation community. In 2022, seven new hangars were constructed at the airport. 

One of the new hangars was built by commercial operator Aloft Aviation. The new 25,000-square-foot corporate aircraft facility will open in 2023.  

Community Engagement 

LVN and the MAC maintained a visible presence in the Lakeville community. In July, the MAC joined Aloft Aviation as sponsors of the 10th annual Lion’s Fly-in Breakfast, part of the City of Lakeville’s Pan-o-Prog (short for “panorama of progress”) event.  

The Airlake Airport Advisory Commission, re-established by the MAC in late 2021, met four times in its first full year of existence. The group is comprised of appointed airport users and representatives from the communities that surround the airport and brings together MAC staff, tenants and neighbors to discuss airport development, aircraft operations and noise concerns.  

Aircraft Operations  

LVNwas one of three airports in the MAC’s general aviation system to experience an increase in operations in 2022 with more than 38,000 takeoffs and landings.