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Welcome to Airlake Airport (LVN). Just south of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Lakeville, Airlake Airport mostly serves recreational fliers but is also ideally suited for business aviation. Several improvements are planned for Airlake to better meet the needs of business aircraft in this growing Twin Cities suburb. Below you'll find information about airport administration, hangar leasing, noise management, pilot resources and much more! 

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8140 220th Street West
Lakeville, MN 55044
United States

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Airlake Airport Advisory Commission

The Airlake Airport Advisory Commission (ALAAC) is comprised of appointed airport users and representatives from the communities that surround Airlake. The commission brings together MAC staff and Airlake tenants and neighbors to discuss airport development, aircraft operations and noise concerns. 

Check our calendar for meeting locations and details. Meeting materials are available at the link below.

Bylaws Work Plan Meeting Materials

Hangar Listings at Reliever Airports

There are many options for securing hangar space at our airports, including hangars for sale, rent and sublease. There are also sites to build a new hangar. Click below for hangar listings and contact information.

Hangar Listings

Tenant Policies, Ordinances and Forms

At this link tenants will find a wide variety of documents related to environmental issues, insurance requirements, maintenance standards and forms for leases, among others.

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Long-term Comprehensive Plan

 The MAC’s seven-airport system functions as a unit to manage air traffic in the region surrounding Minneapolis and St. Paul. A key part of that unified effort is the development of long-term comprehensive plans (LTCP) for each of our airports.

View the Airlake LTCP

Noise Management

The LVN Noise Abatement Plan was developed to promote voluntary aircraft operating procedures that help reduce aircraft noise and overflights for the communities surrounding LVN.

LVN Noise Abatement Plan

Pilot Resources

Airlake Airport (LVN) has a single 4,099' x 75' runway and full-length parallel taxiway. The airport offers a precision instrument landing system for Runway 30 and a non-precision approach to Runway 12. Pilots use right-hand traffic when operating on Runway 12.

Pilots use common traffic advisory procedures flying to and from the airport, which has no air traffic control tower. 

Future development plans for LVN include new hangars in the southwest corner of the airfield and possible runway extension to 4,850 feet. The FAA's Advisory Circular No. 91-36d (2004) provides guidance for aircraft operating under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flying near noise sensitive areas.

See LVN air navigation information See fixed-base operators at Airlake LVN Noise Abatement Plan

Real Estate Development

There are many parcels of land around the MAC's seven airports for development for a variety of business types including hospitality, restaurants, retail, professional services, light industrial and manufacturing.

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Aircraft Viewing Area

Each MAC airport has a public viewing area. Click on the link below to map the viewing area location for the Airlake Airport:


Environmental Assessment

The MAC completed a Long-Term Comprehensive Plan (LTCP) for the Airlake Airport (Airport) in the city of Lakeville, Minnesota in April 2018. The MAC, in cooperation with the FAA, is evaluating possible improvements to the Airport to meet the goals and objectives of the LTCP. To consider all potential environmental effects and satisfy federal, state, and local environmental regulations, the MAC is conducting environmental studies for these improvements.

Additional information about the project will soon be available on this website. In the meantime, if you wish to subscribe to our email list to receive project updates as they become available, please click the link below. 


Diagram of Developable Hangar Locations at Airlake Airport

Airlake Opportunities

Click here to see a PDF of available parcels at Airlake.

Contact Us About Hangar Development Opportunities

If you're interested in hangar construction possibilities, please fill out the form and Reliever Airport staff will get in touch with you. Only Airlake and Crystal Airports currently have space for hangar development.

If the proposed leaseholder is an LLC or Corporation, please include documentation(articles of incorporation or bylaws) that identify the principles of the entity.
If you do not own an aircraft, this request will not be approved.
If offered a space to construct a hangar, which of the following sizes of a hangar would you like to be offered space and have a justified need for? (Select all sizes you would consider for an offer.)
Please be advised, the cost of developing building areas may be directly assessed to the tenants occupying the respective building area.

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