Public Records Requests

Request Public Data

The MAC makes a variety of data accessible to the public. All requests for data should be addressed directly to the proper department. If assistance is needed to locate the proper department, please contact the MAC's General Offices at 612-726-8100.

MAC Public Records Requests

A. Requests in Writing

All requests for copies or inspection of public data should be submitted to the MAC in writing. As clearly as possible, explain what data you wish to see and whether you wish to receive copies or inspect the data. The MAC will not require you to identify yourself, state a reason for, or justify your request to gain access to public government data. However, you may be asked to provide certain identifying or clarifying information for the sole purpose of facilitating access to the data.

B. Response by the MAC

MAC staff will respond to you as soon as they can and in accordance with the state law governing these requests. Copies will be provided as soon as reasonably possible, depending on how many copies are requested and how many staff members are available to respond.

C. Multiple Data Requests

If an individual submits additional data requests before a current request has been processed, the MAC will respond in the order in which the requests are received, unless the individual making the data request requests otherwise.

D. Inspection of Public Documents

Public data will be available for inspection free of charge during regular business hours. Generally, regular business hours are 8:15 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

E. Charge for Copies

The MAC charges $.25 per page ($.50 for two-sided copy) if 100 or fewer pages of black and white, letter or legal size paper copies are requested, and $.60 per page for color copies.

In all other circumstances, including requests to provide data via facsimile or via email, the MAC calculates and charges for the actual costs of searching for and retrieving the data, including the cost of employee time, and for making, certifying, compiling and electronically transmitting copies of the data or the data themselves. However, if you are requesting data on yourself, the MAC does not charge for searching for and retrieving that data.

F. General Assistance

For general questions or for copies of the MAC's Data Practices Policy, please contact the MAC's Legal Affairs Department at 612-794-4466 or 612-726-8192.

II. Data Subject Rights

The following outlines the rights of data subjects. 

A. Data Given to Individuals

Upon request, individuals shall be informed if the individual is the subject of data stored by the MAC, and if the data is classified as public, Private or Confidential.

B. Explanation of Data

Upon request, an individual who is the subject of Private Data on Individuals shall receive an explanation of the content and meaning of that data, subject to the limitations set forth in Minnesota Statute § 13.04, subd. 3.

C. Summary Data

The MAC must prepare summary data based on Private or Confidential data for any person who requests it in writing if the person requesting the data pays the costs for the MAC to prepare it. See Minnesota Statute § 13.05, subd. 7. Summary Data is defined as statistics or reports derived from Data on Individuals in which particular individuals cannot be identified. See Minnesota Statute § 13.02, subd. 19. The Summary Data is then public. The MAC does not have to prepare a summary of public data. Upon receiving a request for Summary Data (of Private or Confidential data), the MAC shall:

  1. provide it as soon as reasonably possible; or
  2. provide the requesting party with a written schedule of when the data will be provided that explains the reasons for the delays; or
  3. deny the request in a written statement, explaining why providing the data would jeopardize the protection of Private or Confidential data.

D. Accuracy or Completeness

An individual subject of data may contest the accuracy or completeness of public or Private Data. See Minnesota Statute § 13.04, subd. 4. To do so, an individual must notify the MAC's Responsible Authority in writing and describe the nature of the disagreement. The Responsible Authority shall, within 30 days, either: 1) correct the data found to be inaccurate or incomplete and attempt to notify past recipients of inaccurate or incomplete data, including recipients named by the individual; or 2) notify the individual that the MAC believes the data to be correct. Data in dispute shall be disclosed only if the individual's statement of disagreement is included with the disclosed data. The determination of the Responsible Authority may be appealed pursuant to the Data Practices Act.

E. Information Requested from Individuals (“Tennessen Warning”)

An individual asked to supply Private or Confidential Data concerning himself or herself shall be informed of: a) the purpose and intended use of the requested data within the MAC; b) whether the individual may refuse or is legally required to supply the requested data; c) any known consequences arising from supplying or refusing to supply Private or Confidential Data; and d) the identity of other persons or entities authorized by state or federal law to receive the data.

This requirement shall not apply when an individual is asked to supply investigative data, pursuant to the Data Practices Act, to a law enforcement officer.