The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) leases retail, passenger services, and food & beverage concessions space at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) primarily through prime concessionaires who have been selected through a competitive proposal process. 

Individuals or companies interested in operating a concession at MSP can contact these firms to inquire about the possibility of becoming a sub-tenant or partner. Small businesses may also be interested in the MSP Retail Cart & Vending Program

Prime Concessionaires

For information about and/or to download active Request for Proposals, go to the Solicitations page on the MAC's website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC)? 
The MAC is the government entity that owns and maintains MSP Airport. Click to learn more

How many passengers fly through MSP each year?
More than 39 million people flew through MSP Airport in 2019. Click to learn more

What are the Concessions Sales at MSP?
Click here for 2012-16 sales figures
Click here for 2016-17 sales figures
Click here for 2018 sales figures
Click here for 2019 sales figures
Click here for 2020 sales figures YTD
Click here for July 2021 sales figures and YTD

How do I get a lease?
Please contact us to discuss current opportunities.
How do I lease a cart?
Go to the "Current Program" tab for all the details.

How can I distribute my product at the airport?
Contact us to discuss current opportunities.

What are the hours of operation?
Hours of operation vary amongst stores and restaurants. Go to the MSP Airport website for a list of current shops and restaurants and to search for a location’s hours of operations.

What is a DBE/ACDBE?
Click to learn more