The purpose of the Targeted Group Business (TGB) program is to carry out the State of Minnesota’s policy, as set forth in Minnesota Statute §473.142, and to encourage meaningful participation of target group businesses in the procurement of goods and supplies, construction and professional services at the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC).

The TGB Program applies to any MAC procurement of goods or services, construction or professional services governed by Minnesota Statute §473.142 as further defined by the Commissioner of the State of Minnesota Department of Administration (DOA). Through an order dated June 6, 2011 the DOA Commissioner has defined the procurement governed by this law as including expenditures for construction, architecture and engineering, professional services, goods and supplies and other services. At MAC, TGBs must be designated as an underutilized business to count toward a TGB goal.

The Department of Administration, Materials Management Division (MMD) is responsible for accepting applications and certifying TGBs. Once a company has TGB status they are eligible to meet TGB goals on MAC projects.

The TGB program is to operate consistent with the guidelines of MAC’s purchasing policy and public bidding laws. TGB program goals are generally included in supplies, construction and consulting.

TGB Eligibility

Businesses eligible to participate in this program must first be small, Minnesota-based businesses and meet the size standards by industry. Size standards are determined by a business’ gross receipts. Targeted group small businesses must be certified as such by MMD in order to participate in the program. Once certified, TGBs are listed in the Directory of Certified TGBs.

Applying for TGB Status

An application form is available online through the MMD website. Additional information is available by contacting the MMD HelpLine at or calling 651-296-2600.

The TGB Program does not apply to federally-funded contractors. See information about the federally-funded Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program.