Other MAC Meetings

In addition to the regularly held Board meetings, the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) will occasionally hold other public meetings that offer citizens an opportunity to learn more about the MAC's programs and services and/or to comment on future plans for its properties.


Experience MSP: Long Term Plan Event

Date/Time: October 2, 2019 4 to 8 p.m.
Location: Executive Center at Mall of America
Description: Public Meeting #1 for MSP Airport's 2040 Long Term Plan

Directions to Mall of America

  • Enter EAST PARKING RAMP, accessible from 24th Avenue South.
  • Park on the 5th level, P5 New York.
  • Go up the ½ flight of stairs, walk through the skyway and enter into the mall. Proceed straight, toward the elevators, then turn right down the hall.
  • At the end of the hall you see well-lit wooden doors for the Mall of America Executive Center.
  • There will be people along the way to help, as well.
Documents: Downloadable flyer
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