Airport Modernization Program (AMP)

Airport Modernization Program (AMP)

MSP Airport Construction Projects

Timeline - 2023-2025

Cost - $242 million budget – 75% Metropolitan Airports Commission / 25% Delta Air Lines

Description: The AMP is the single largest interior makeover of concourses since Terminal 1 opened in 1962.    

Projects Summary: 

  • Modernization of six Terminal 1 concourses will improve operations, sustainability, and the overall passenger experience, creating a more welcoming and engaging atmosphere for travelers.
  • New Terrazzo flooring (replacing carpet) in concourse walkways (C, D, G); new carpet in concourses A, B and F
  • New wall finishes including quarter-height granite in public corridors and tile in Delta gate areas
  • Installation of brighter, more modern and sustainable LED lighting in concourse walkways and gate areas
  • Metal panel ceiling systems replace existing acoustic gypsum panels in the majority of concourse walkways  
  • New structural column covers 
  • Technology upgrades that include dynamic flight information screens along concourse walkways at every gate.
  • Improvements to 75 Delta Air Lines’ gates:
    • New gate seating with power outlets
    • New millwork (gate counters/podiums)
    • New carpeting in gate areas to match other Delta hubs
    • Updated gate information display system (GIDS) screens
    • Refreshed Delta branding and signage 

Project Impacts: 

  • Phase 1: 2023-2024 (underway) in Concourse D and F 
  • Phase 2: 2024 (begins February) in Concourse C 
  • Phase 3: Late 2024 to early 2025 in Concourses A, B, portions of G, and skyway bridge between Concourses C and G
  • Construction. The work will be phased to minimize passenger disruption while keeping most gates open and operational. The most intense work will occur during overnight hours 
  • To keep concourses and gates operational, construction will be visible to all passengers over the full two + years of the program 
  • A mix of full height and low level construction walls, or “hockey walls,” will be used to cordon off flooring or other projects 
  • Above ceiling work will likely remain exposed for periods of time as crews work to renovate lighting and other systems 


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Rendering of MSP's Concourse C Gallery.

MAC Delta AMP_ConcC_gallery MAC Delta AMP_ConcC_gallery

The Airport Modernization Program will improve concourses A, B, C, D, F,  G, and the C-G Skyway Bridge. 

Delta AMP Phase 2_MAP locato Delta AMP Phase 2_MAP locato

Rendering of improvements at MSP's gate C13. 

MAC Delta AMP_ConcC_C13 MAC Delta AMP_ConcC_C13
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