Anoka County-Blaine 2022 Annual Report - 2023 Annual Report

Anoka County-Blaine (ANE)

2023 Annual Report

Anoka County-Blaine Airport (ANE), located north of the Twin Cities, is home to a variety of vintage, experimental, recreational and corporate aircraft. It also hosted the Goodyear Blimp during the 2023 3M Open golf tournament, held in July. Overall, the airport saw a 6.4% increase in operations in 2023 with nearly 70,000 takeoffs and landings. 


In 2023, the MAC leased a portion of the ANE property for a new National Sports Village development. Opening in 2024, the site will feature retail and food establishments and other private development.


ANE infrastructure enhancements in 2023 included a taxiway/lighting project focused on taxiway repair and enhancing safety by improving the lighting and directional signage on the taxiway.