FCM Operational Implementation Plan

FCM Operational Implementation Plan

The Flying Cloud Airport (FCM) Operational Implementation Plan agreement between the MAC and the City of Eden Prairie outlines actions and procedures that help address the aircraft noise concerns of FCM neighbors.

File a Noise Complaint

Click the link above to file a noise complaint and report any suspected violation of the operational implementation plan. Any complaint that can be verified by MAC staff, MACNOMS, or the FAA will be investigated further.

If a complaint is verified, the MAC will send a letter to the owner/operator (in cases where contact information is accessible) notifying them that they have operated in a manner inconsistent with the voluntary restraints on nighttime aircraft operations, early morning departures and operations by Stage II aircraft. Furthermore the letter will state that the MAC's policy is to limit inconsistent operations voluntarily and request the owner/operator provide a detailed response describing the reason for the operation in question. In the case of Ordinance 97 violations, the MAC will coordinate and cooperate with the City of Eden Prairie in the prosecution of Ordinance violations. Options for filing a noise complaint include calling the MAC's 24-hour noise complaint and information hotline (612-726-9411) or submitting a complaint online.


The FlightTracker tool allows users to investigate and research aircraft operations at all of the MAC-owned airports. With this tool you can interactively view and replay flight activity - with 20 minutes of delay - that took place within a 40-mile radius of MSP.

Stage 2 Aircraft Operations Reports

MAC Community Relations Office staff monitored and published reports that identify the number of Stage 2 aircraft that take off or land at FCM. The reports were published weekly, quarterly and on a rolling 12-month basis. As of January 1, 2016, Stage 2 aircraft types are required to meet Stage 3 noise standards; therefore these reports are no longer provided.