MSP Runway 12L-30R Airside Improvements

MSP Runway 12L-30R Airside Improvements

MSP Airport Construction Projects

Dates - June – September, 2024

Cost - $23.7  million budget  

Description: The ongoing pavement program at MSP will require reconstruction and other airfield improvements on Runway 12L-30R and associated taxiways to facilitate the safe movement of aircraft traffic.


Projects Summary: 

  • Full reconstruction of the intersection of Runway 12L - 30R & Runway 4-22 (20,000 square yards of concrete pavement)
  • Full reconstruction of Taxiway P, P1, P2, P10 and M (40,000 square yards of concrete pavement)
  • Asphalt shoulder reconstruction 
  • Runway & Taxiway LED lighting
  • Updated airfield signage systems
  • Grading and drainage improvements
  • Utility upgrades
  • Erosion control and turf establishment
  • Pavement marking


Project Impacts: 

  • Runway 12L-30R (“north parallel”) will be temporarily closed
  • Runway 4-22 (crosswind) will be temporarily closed
  • Airport runway and taxi traffic will be adjusted to accommodate the temporary closures with the least operational disruptions
  • Flights that would normally use the north parallel runway must be assigned to alternative runways. 
  • During runway closures, FAA’s Air Traffic Control will direct aircraft to use open runways and aircraft may land and depart on runways that are not typical.  
  • Runway use and airport configurations are determined by the FAA and will vary depending upon wind, air traffic demand and other factors. 
  • People residing in areas around MSP may notice unusual flight patterns as well as unusual sounds, lights or aircraft activity while construction and maintenance activities are occurring.  
  • Existing aircraft overflight areas in proximity to Runways 12R, 30L, 17 and 35 will be experiencing increased overflights during the construction period, while areas in proximity to Runways 12L and 30R will experience decreased overflights.
  • Periodic use of Runway 17 arriving over the City of Minneapolis is anticipated. 


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