New Voices Welcome Millions of Travelers at MSP Airport

New Voices Welcome Millions of Travelers at MSP Airport

February 15, 2023

Airport Employees Voice Public Announcements in Voices of MSP Program

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) has tapped a new set of voices to welcome and inform millions of travelers over the next year.

The Voices of MSP is an annual program that puts the mic into the hands of airport employees to deliver public address announcements. The recordings can be heard at several locations throughout MSP, including the terminal lobbies and concourses, automated exits, airport trams, baggage carousels, moving walkways and parking ramps.

“Our audition list grows every year as airport employees learn about the opportunity to become one of the welcoming voices providing public safety and operational messages,” said Phil Burke, assistant director of customer experience for the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC), which operates MSP. “I’m always impressed by the employees who share their voice talents and help us offer a unique, personal touch in how we communicate with travelers and guests at MSP.”  

Among the employees selected this year are a flight attendant, airline ramp agent, airport volunteer, administrative coordinator, police officer and firefighter. This year’s Voices of MSP represent five companies or organizations: Delta Air Lines, Endeavor Air, Sun Country Airlines, Airport Foundation MSP and the MAC.  

Kristen Murphy, a pilot recruiter with Endeavor Air, had never performed voice work before she auditioned. 

“I was quite surprised when I was selected – I did it for fun, thought it would be a good experience and had no expectations,” said Murphy, who can now be heard welcoming visitors and passengers at Terminal 2. “It’s awesome to be represented here. I can spread the word, and say, ‘Hey, go check out my voice.’ It’s a really cool opportunity.”

Troy Whelan’s only experience like this was at a local theater company years ago.  

“I have a passion for aviation, aircraft and MSP Airport, and I thought it would be a fun thing to do,” said Whelan, a Sun Country Airlines workforce management specialist, whose safety message can be heard in Terminal 1. “It makes you feel good to be a partner with the airport on something like this.”

This is the third year for the Voices of MSP program, which utilizes the MAC’s on-site audio studio to record the announcements. The MAC opens its casting call to airport employees each November. A local judging committee selects winners based on sample recordings from the open audition process. 

MSP is the 16th busiest airport in North America by passengers, serving 31.2 million passengers in 2022. It has been named Best Airport in North America five out of the last six years in its size category, in the Airports Council International annual ASQ Awards. 


2023 Voices MSP roster  



Jamel Anderson 

Metropolitan Airports Commission

Driver & Operator, MSP Fire Department  

Christina Bigelow 

Airport Foundation MSP

Animal Ambassador Volunteer 

Keith Boser 

Metropolitan Airports Commission

Sergeant, Airport Police Dept 

Bob Ernt 

Airport Foundation MSP

Travelers Assistance Volunteer 

Lindsay Jones 

Metropolitan Airports Commission

Administrative Coordinator

Jack Leigh 

Delta Air Lines

Aircraft Load Agent

Lisa Meuwissen 

Delta Air Lines

Flight Attendant   

Kristen Murphy 

Endeavor Air 

Talent Acquisition Rep., Pilot Recruitment

Troy Whelan 

Sun Country Airlines

Workforce Management Specialist