Operational Improvements Program (OI)

Operational Improvements Program (OI)

MSP Airport Construction Projects

Dates - 2016-2025

Cost - $525 million budget  

Description - Expansion and modernization of all levels in the pre-security areas of Terminal 1. 

Project Summary  

  • Expanded the terminal 15 feet across the entire non-secure entrance side of Terminal 1 to improve public seating, vestibules, curbside, passenger flow, and sight lines.  
  • Consolidated checkpoints at each end of terminal to improve passenger movements and throughput
  • Improved passenger movements with central elevators and escalators, and new terminal exits to baggage claim
  • Implementation of technologies to map lobby activity and to display security wait times to improve passenger flow efficiencies, and customize messaging for security, airline and other travel partners
  • New and modernized ticketing and check-in operations.  
  • Added new restrooms, lighting, Terrazzo flooring, and seating on all levels
  • Replacement of all baggage carousels on the Arrivals Level with larger systems to accommodate current and future demand. 
  • Total improved space: 330,000 sq. ft. 


The Aurora and mosaic murals

  • The OI program included partner-project with Airport Foundation MSP, which operates the Arts@MSP program. 
  • The Aurora, a 29 ft. high high-tech sculpture by artist Jen Lewin, was installed in February 2021.
  • It’s located in the center of the ticketing and arrivals levels, hanging through an oval opening between the floors. 
  • The sculpture features thousands of light bulbs with LEDs inside that are programmed to display a constantly changing light show that can be influenced by people walking below the sculpture. 
  • The Foundation also expanded its stunning collection of mosaic murals, with six new murals at new restrooms on both the departure and arrivals levels.  


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MSP Operational Improvements Program projects have focused on expanding and modernizing all levels of pre-security areas of Terminal 1. 

OI MAP locator OI MAP locator

MSP Terminal 1 Arrivals Level - Baggage Claim

MSP_Terminal 1_Arrivals MSP_Terminal 1_Arrivals

MSP Terminal 1 Departures Level - Ticketing Lobby

MSP_Terminal 1_Ticketing MSP_Terminal 1_Ticketing
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