Our Neighbors

Our Neighbors

The MAC provides a wide scope of resources for our neighbors residing within 40 nautical miles of MSP. These resources include methods for communicating with the MAC regarding aircraft activity, and sources of information regarding noise abatement programs, procedures and efforts to reduce aircraft noise impacts at MSP and the other six MAC-owned airports.

File an Aircraft Noise Complaint

Complaints about aircraft noise at MSP or any MAC-owned airport may be filed via the Noise Program Office website or via telephone at 612-726-9411

MSP Noise Oversight Committee Meetings and Information 

Information about the Noise Oversight Committee and its meetings, work plan and policy recommendations regarding aircraft noise

MSP Listening Sessions

Quarterly Listening Sessions provide a forum for residents to receive updates on MSP and the Noise Oversight Committee actions, and to provide input on aircraft arrivals and departures, average noise levels and compliance with established noise abatement procedures at MSP.

MSP Aircraft Noise Abatement Efforts

Information about MSP noise abatement efforts and implemented measures

Real Estate Professionals and Homebuyer Information

Learn about aircraft overflights and noise that may affect properties surrounding any of the MAC-owned airports

Aircraft Noise Contours and Land-use Zoning

Information about aircraft noise contours and land-use zoning, including safety areas and object height assessments for each of the seven MAC-owned airports

Mobile Noise Monitoring

Obtain information about Mobile Noise Monitoring requests for areas surrounding MSP

Flight Procedure Change Request Guidelines

Link to the NOC Flight Procedure Change Request Guidelines for MSP

Residential Noise Mitigation

Access to MSP Residential Noise Mitigation Program information

Presentations and Videos for Our Neighbors

The MAC shares meeting presentations and tutorial videos of interest to members of the public 

Meet the Fleet

This video series features commentary from pilots sharing interesting facts about specific aircraft, identifying characteristics, common routes flown and up-close footage of the fleet