St. Paul Downtown Airport

St. Paul Downtown Airport (STP)

2022 Annual Report

Located along the Mississippi River and just south of downtown St. Paul, the St. Paul Downtown Airport (STP) generates a vibrancy all its own. A popular base for corporate aircraft due to its location and for having the longest runway – 6,941 feet – in the MAC general aviation airport system, the airport also offers charter services, has two fixed-base operators, a U.S. Customs facility and is home to the highly popular Holman’s Table restaurant.   

Aircraft Operations  

In 2022, the airport experienced an almost 5% growth in operations over 2021. The increase was mainly due to the continued uptick in private corporate flights, which in 2022 exceeded the pre-pandemic operations of 2019. 

International Flights Welcome 

General aviation airports don’t often require a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) presence, but international flights are a daily occurrence at St. Paul Downtown Airport. Minnesota’s proximity to the Canadian border is one reason, but STP is increasingly welcoming flights from across the world. Advancements in corporate aircraft design – coupled with STP’s runway length and U.S. customs facility – means aircraft originating from around the word, including as far away as Tokyo, are landing there.  

In 2022, the MAC and CBP began planning for a new customs facility at STP. The MAC will construct and outfit the space for use by the agency.