The MAC digs deep to uncover what's in MSP's trash

The MAC digs deep to uncover what's in MSP's trash

July 12, 2023

Operations and passenger activity at a large airport like Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) generates a significant volume of waste. This waste must be managed properly and responsibly to ensure we’re taking care of our natural environment. In May, the MAC and its partner Minnesota Waste Wise, a service of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, performed a comprehensive waste characterization study to better assess waste at MSP.

A waste characterization study involves weighing and categorizing the types of trash from various locations on campus. It’s designed to reveal patterns and understand the composition of trash generated at a facility.

During the MSP study, MAC and Minnesota Waste Wise staff systematically sifted through 5,228 lbs. of trash from Terminals 1 and 2. It was the largest waste study the MAC has conducted to date.

The MAC’s Waste Working Group and Executive Sustainability Committee will leverage the findings to identify opportunities for improved waste management. The project is a critical step toward meeting the MAC’s goal of reducing, reusing, recycling, or composting 75% of all MSP waste by 2030.