A Message from Our Chair and CEO


We are pleased to present the Metropolitan Airports Commission’s 2021 Annual Report. 

Much like in 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic and its continuing impacts on air travel demanded a central role on the world stage in 2021. We monitored the significant increase in demand for air travel and the substantial gap that still remained from the demand peaks of 2019. We also heralded the return of suspended airline routes as well as the addition of previously unserved destinations. However, most of our focus was very much on the future. The question isn’t how we return to our 2019 status; it’s how we establish a strong competitive position in a world where COVID-19 variants continue to present a threat and remote meetings through technology reduce the need for some travel. 

We approached that challenge in numerous ways in 2021, including: 

  • Focusing on increased efficiency and reduced expenses 
  • Providing financial breaks to key airport tenants whose success is vital to our own 
  • Growing our diversity, engagement and inclusion initiatives to honor and celebrate not only the entire MAC workforce but also that of the airport community 
  • Fostering teamwork throughout the enterprise as well as with our partners in the airport and external business community 
  • Using technology to improve airport and customer service operations  
  • Working with the Airport Foundation MSP to continue showcasing Minnesota by expanding the arts and culture program at MSP 
  • Improving airport facilities to enhance safety, efficiency and the entire passenger experience 

We hope you find the information in this report useful and that it gives you a sense of where we’ve been and, perhaps more important, where we’re going. 

Thank you for your interest in the Metropolitan Airports Commission. 

Rick King, Chair of the Board 
Brian Ryks, CEO