MSP 2023 Annual Noise Contour Report Now Available

MSP 2023 Annual Noise Contour Report Now Available

March 01, 2024

Each year, the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) assesses aircraft noise from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) and publishes the findings in an Annual Noise Contour Report. 

Per the terms of the amended Consent Decree, the MSP 2023 Annual Noise Contour Report is now available.  

Based on the 2023 Actual Contour, there were some homes that entered their first year of eligibility and are listed here. There are 342 single-family and 539 multi-family homes that achieved the first year of eligibility as a result of the 2023 Actual Contour as outlined by the terms of the 2025-2032 Program. If these homes remain in a higher noise impact area compared to previous programs for three consecutive years, they will become eligible to receive mitigation in the 2025-2032 Program.  

The MAC will continue to provide mitigation for homes that remain eligible from previous years’ analyses until the end of 2024. Eligible homes that have not yet participated in the 2017-2024 Program have been notified in writing and will continue to be notified that their deadline to participate is at the end of 2024. Current eligibility terms are based on the 2025-2032 Program. 

View the list of homes previously eligible for mitigation from the 2017-2024 Program or check your address on the interactive map. More information on how to qualify for mitigation through the MAC's Airport Noise Mitigation Program