Runway Construction

MSP Runway Construction

MSP runway closures underway: June -September 2024

Runway pavement and other maintenance work starting this summer will result in runway closures at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) in 2024 and 2025. More information about this project is provided below.

MSP Airport has over 32 miles of runways and taxiways. It is critical to maintain airfield infrastructure for the safety of aircraft operations.

At times, airport construction and maintenance impact typical runway use. These activities periodically require temporary closures of runways at MSP to ensure the safety of construction crews and aircraft. Additionally, construction activities can impact how the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) assigns aircraft to open runways.

What construction activities are occurring?

During the summers of 2024 and 2025, runway and taxiway closures at MSP are planned to complete needed pavement work and runway safety area grading. This work is necessary to ensure critical airport infrastructure maintains the highest level of safety for handling aircraft operations and conforms to FAA specifications.

This work on MSP runways and taxiways is similar to work that is completed on area roads and highways. To reduce the need for additional closures, the 2024 work combines multiple, near future, planned construction projects in an effort to limit impacts to the communities and traveling public as much as possible and will include:

  • Pavement excavation and removal (this activity will only occur during the day and only for a brief period of a few days)
  • Laying new granular material and crushed aggregate base
  • Laying new concrete pavement and bituminous shoulders
  • Leveling off and grading around runways to ensure safety areas are clear of debris, drained, and able to support aircraft and maintenance and emergency vehicles
  • Painting new pavement markings
  • Installing airport lights and signage

The 2024 construction work is being completed by Shafer Construction, a Minnesota based company. The project has a $24 million budget and is anticipated to generate up to 200 jobs.

More information about the 2024 project is available here.

When will the runways be closed?

Runway 12L-30R (North Parallel Runway) will be closed from June 3, 2024, through September 21, 2024. Runway 4-22 (Crosswind Runway) will also be closed during this period. However, Runway 4-22 is not used as frequently as the North Parallel Runway.  

Additionally, in a future project, Runway 12R-30L (South Parallel Runway) will be closed for two periods in 2025: April through May and September through October.

Which runways will be open during construction?

Runway availability, such as whether a runway is open or closed, is one of the factors that FAA’s Air Traffic Control (ATC) uses to determine runway usage at MSP and at airports across the United States. Other factors include weather and operational efficiency. Aircraft generally land and take off into the wind for safety purposes, making wind and weather patterns the leading indicators of which runways will be used for arriving and departing aircraft. At MSP, ATC also utilizes a priority Runway Use System (RUS) to direct aircraft over more noise-compatible, less-populated residential areas. During the 3.5-month construction period in 2024, airport runway operations will be temporarily adjusted to accommodate air traffic volumes with the least amount of operational disruption. ATC will continue to consider the factors of runway availability, wind and operational efficiency and also use the priority RUS when possible, excluding runways closed for construction. The FAA has also stated they will be implementing traffic management initiatives to  control the flow of aircraft in to and out of MSP during the closures as a way to provide the most efficient and safe use of the airport.

MSP occasionally closes one or more runways for construction, maintenance or safety inspections, which limits runway availability, but such closures are typically brief or scheduled overnight when there are fewer operations. The last time these runways were closed for this length of time was in 2009.

The runway configurations listed below are options the FAA may utilize during the upcoming 2024 construction. The video at the bottom of the page illustrates these configurations. Note, the following list is not meant to suggest an order of preference.

North Flow 

  • Arrivals to 35 and 30L 
  • Departures off 30L 

Straight North Flow 

  • Arrivals to 30L 
  • Departures off 30L 

South Flow 

  • Arrivals to 12R 
  • Departures off 17 and 12R  

Straight South Flow 

  • Arrivals to 12R 
  • Departures off 12R 

Atypical South Flow 

  • Arrivals to 17  
  • Departures off 12R and 17 

Mixed Flow A 

  • Arrivals to 30L 
  • Departures off 17 and 30L 

Mixed Flow B 

  • Arrivals to 35 and 12R 
  • Departures off 12R 

What does this mean for surrounding communities?

This summer, people residing in areas around MSP may notice unusual flight patterns as well as unusual sounds, lights or aircraft activity while construction and maintenance activities are occurring. The loudest construction activities, such as concrete breaking, are planned for daytime hours to reduce nighttime disruption from construction.

During construction, with aircraft directed to use open runways, areas near MSP that experience existing aircraft overflights from Runways 12R, 30L, 17 and 35 will experience increased overflights, while areas that experience existing aircraft overflights from Runways 12L and 30R will experience decreased overflights.

Periodic use of Runway 17 for arrivals over the city of Minneapolis is possible during construction. This means residents living north of Runway 17/35 in Minneapolis will observe a change as a result of aircraft directed to land on Runway 17.

Residents may notice aircraft activity during unusual times of the day, including later in the evening, particularly when weather conditions, locally or nationally, delay or alter flight activity.

MAC staff will continue to share construction updates and what the community can expect during these temporary changes in operations. These will be shared through a variety of means, including airport newsletters, website updates, MSP Noise Oversight Committee (NOC) meetings and NOC quarterly listening sessions.

When the construction project is complete, and the runways are reopened, the FAA will return MSP to its pre-construction operational patterns.

Runway use information and flight activity are available on the MAC FlightTracker. Information about runway closures at MSP is available here. Anyone with questions regarding airfield or aircraft noise and/or runway closures due to construction may call the Community Relations Office at 612-726-9411.

MSP Runway Configurations During 2024 Construction