Reliever Airports review of rates and charges, 2024

Reliever airports 2024 rates and charges

MAC starts rates and charges review process

The MAC's reliever airports are beginning a review of rates and charges, including ground rent, percentage rent, fuel flowage fees and others. Scroll down to the links below to find the latest information.

July 15, 2024 Public Hearing

Click below for the topics to be presented at the public hearing.

Click below for redlined and clean versions of Ordinances No. 115 and No. 119.

Click below to read the memo on proposed fuel flowage and landing fees.

June 18, 2024 Notice of Public Hearing

See links below for the tenant letter and public hearing notice.

Visit links for amended ordinances and proposed rate charts.

Click below for the market rent update, fuel flowage fee review and an analysis using the proposed rates.

May 22, 2024 Informational Meeting

Details on the rates and charges review.

Materials from the meeting.