Flying Cloud

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Flying Cloud Airport is situated in the southwestern corner of the Twin Cities metropolitan area, in the upscale community of Eden Prairie. Popular as a home base for corporate business jets and turbo-props, Flying Cloud has a strong reputation for serving the needs of busy corporate executives and their flight crews.

Airport improvements include the 2008 extension of Runway 10L/28R to 3,900' x 75' and the 2009 extension of Runway 10R/28L to 5,000' x 100'. Other improvements include lengthening the taxiway system and developing a new hangar area on the south side of the facility. The north-south runway, 18/36, remains 2,691' x 75'.

One of the busiest airports in the reliever system, Flying Cloud has a FAA-operated control tower and an instrument landing system. The tower operates daily in the winter from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., staying open an extra hour, till 10 p.m., in summer. A precision instrument approach is available to Runway 10R and non-precision instrument approaches to runways 10R, 28L, 28R and 36. The airport also has a published precision instrument approach procedure for helicopters.

Full-service operators offer corporate aircraft services, recreational flight training, and aircraft charter, rental, sales and maintenance.

Flying Cloud has a total annual economic output of $229 million and supports 1,190 jobs, including 340 directly tied to on-airport businesses.

There are 364 aircraft based at Flying Cloud Airport and in 2018, there were 88,762 landings and takeoffs.

Economic Impact

Direct Jobs:                         340
Total Jobs:                           1,190
Total Economic Output $229 million

Long Term Comprehensive Plan